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She was a woman who recorded a civil suit against President George W. Bush for completely raping and kidnapping her spouse in Tx of 2002 in December. Today 64,000 bucks later, and nothing showing because of it. Personally I think that this was just a method for the college to prusue loans that are fraudulent. I could definitely use some aid if anybody has any info on a Class-Action Lawsuit that is current or could point me within the right path. I also had awards to assist purchase college, and owe a great deal on student education loans and also haven't also received my level.

The reason why that I came with is basically because they knew they were planning to have to take me from the student loan and demand me money strait plus I went to finish up declining that school. So yes I wound up declining that course they told me for me in order to complete my last month to ensure that me to be able to scholar I'd to pay for $2 and termed me-up,500 out of pocket.

Today 64,000 pounds later to exhibit for it. I'm that was merely a means for the institution to prusue predatory loans. I really could truly use some aid if anybody has any information on a present Class Action Lawsuit pre settlement loans or can point me while in the proper path. I also haven't even received my diploma and also had grants to greatly help buy institution, and owe a lot on student education loans.